Dr. Janelle Bacino and our team are committed to helping our patients prevent tooth decay and preserve their healthy smiles. In particular, we encourage children to receive preventative resin restoration. This minimally invasive treatment provides long-term restoration and protection for teeth.

Preventative resin restoration offers a conservative alternative to traditional dental fillings that is longer lasting and more effective than simple dental sealants. When the chewing surface of a tooth is questionable, a dental sealant is not sufficient to protect the tooth and restore it to full health. Dr. Janelle Bacino uses preventative resin restoration to remove any trace of tooth decay and preserve the health of the tooth in the long term.

To perform this procedure, we will widen the fissures of the tooth and remove any tooth enamel that shows signs of dental caries. With the minimal tooth structure removed, we carefully check the tooth for any remaining bacteria, enamel defects, or caries (cavities), and then place a conservative composite filling that will last many years. We ensure that our young patients are kept completely comfortable during this procedure, and that you as the guardian receive any necessary post-op instructions.

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